6 Years of Healing & Restoration Build Momentum for the Future

Rose, ChildVoice graduate, and Conrad Mandsager

Rose, ChildVoice graduate, and Conrad Mandsager

ChildVoice has been working with the girls in Uganda for six years now. 93% of the girls assisted have reconnected with their families and communities – and are now employed and able to provide for their children!

The past six years have proven the effectiveness of ChildVoice’s program. The residential learning environment offered by ChildVoice is clearly the right intervention. With healing and restoration, the girls have been able to put their experiences in perspective, reestablish themselves in their villages, and become leaders in their communities and families.

In order to continue such progress, ChildVoice has discovered that the girls need more personal space to live and raise their children. They need classroom space to learn life and job skills. They need land to grow food and an appropriate kitchen to cook the food.

All these program enhancements are being implemented right now. And these program improvements are in need of financial assistance to be fully realized.

With just weeks left in ChildVoice’s fiscal year, we are hoping to both enhance current efforts and to have momentum moving forward into the fiscal year ahead. Your financial support – now or at least by June 30 – is needed to help the girls in Uganda and finish the year in the black.

Thanks for your partnership in ChildVoice. It’s working
– and bringing about great progress for the girls and their children.

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