Conrad Mandsager

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A lifetime of designing programs for at-risk populations led Conrad to the killing fields of northern Uganda in 2006. Challenged with the trauma and reintegration problems that former child soldiers and other abductees were experiencing upon their return home, the concept of ChildVoice was born to provide a place of healing and restoration for those left behind.

As ChildVoice’s CEO and President Conrad’s work today focuses on strengthening the programs in Uganda, while opening up new programs in other conflict regions around the world.

An avid cyclist, Conrad has ridden 9 times across the state of Iowa -- over 4,500 miles, to promote ChildVoice and its work with war affected children. When not working or riding, Conrad and his wife, Kathy, raise Highland cattle and quarter horses on their farm in New Hampshire.

Bob Barber

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Bob has over 30 years of senior management experience ininternational businessoperations and finance. Having lived abroad and traveled extensively he strives to create self-sustainable operations which will minimize dependence on US support and empower the indigenous work force. Bob has managed businesses in the US, Europe and the Pacific Rim and has an MBA and was a CPA. When Bob is not working or engaged in activities surrounding his 11 grandchildren he tries to get a fishing pole in his hands or a kayak on the water or both. 

Gary Christman

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Gary earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of NH. He has spent 17 years working in the field of education primarily as a high school teacher. Gary initially joined ChildVoice in 2011 as a volunteer. He’s worked in the US office and in the Ugandan office in the areas of inventory management and technical advisor. He’s currently working in the US as ChildVoice’s Teams and Interns Manager and our Database Manager. 

Kristin Barlow

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Kristin is the Director of Programs at ChildVoice. After receiving her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition she worked at the Lukome Center in Uganda for four years. There she specialized in the areas of health and nutrition education as well as establishing income generating projects within the local community. While working alongside her colleagues and community in Uganda, her passion for social justice and humanitarian development grew seeing the transformation of lives firsthand. She continues to travel to East Africa with ChildVoice, working with children whose lives have been shattered by war.

Krista Brown

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Originally from Missouri, Krista, her husband and three sons moved to New Hampshire in 2000 and have embraced it as their home. She has a background in teaching and more recently worked for several years in the non-profit disability sector. Krista serves as the Donor Relations Coordinator for ChildVoice and loves connecting with people about our work with war-affected children. Outside of work, you’ll find her kayaking, golfing, or playing the drums for the worship team at her church. 

Petek Altuğ


Born and raised 15 years in Istanbul, Turkey, Petek Altuğ has always had a heart to serve people across the nations. Following her transition to the USA for her final years of high school, Petek attended Wellesley College, majoring in Sociology prior to serving 7 years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, through which she encountered ChildVoice during their summer global projects to Uganda. Petek fell in love with Uganda and ChildVoice during those three summers and decided to move there and work full-time with our Lukome center from July 2015-July2016. She has now returned for further graduate studies and continuing work with CVI in the USA office.

Petek's current focus is on finalizing the development of the Bridges Out of Poverty curriculum for the Ugandan context, and facilitating the monitoring and evaluation of our program to help empower our students' transformations to their utmost potential. Apart from her love for the girls and children who bring her much joy at CVI, Petek enjoys dancing, playing basketball, cooking with fresh ingredients and soaking up beautiful sunrises and sunsets over any body of water (or African plain).



Kirby, a one-year old Australian Cattle dog, splits his time between ChildVoice’s New Hampshire office and Conrad Mandsager’s farm. When he’s not herding cattle, Kirby enjoys greeting guests at the office, playing catch, and napping.








Courtesy of "Photography by Carin"