January Is National Slavery & Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Human trafficking is a global tragedy that requires international action—but we can start at a local level!

Join us as we shine a spotlight on the dark corners of the world where this very real atrocity still exists. Do something today!





For over 10 years, ChildVoice has been investing in the future of war-affected children and youth through sustainable interventions, research and collaboration, and advocacy.

Many years have passed since I escaped life as a child soldier. Though I will carry that part of my life always, it no longer defines me. I am a proud Ugandan woman, wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur, counselor, survivor and child of God.
— Grace, Graduate of ChildVoice’s Lukome Center

There are many ways to make an impact.

$15 covers the cost of one day at the Lukome Center for a young woman and her child, including room and board, uniforms, books, supplies, medical care, counseling services, vocational training, early-childhood education/nursery, and staff support.

$50 covers cost of fuel each week for the ChildVoice motorcycle as staff travels to remote villages to provide reintegration support to recent graduates.


$400 provides one month of quality instruction and educational supplies for the infants and small children at the Lukome Center.

$100 covers the average cost of a microloan to help a graduate start her own small business.


$1,000 provides one month of one-on-one and group counseling, life-skills training and spiritual support to help each girl through her healing process.


$3,000 covers the construction costs for a housing unit for two students and their children at the Lukome Center.