Give a voice to war-affected children and youth

There are many ways to make an impact

$15 covers the cost of one day at the Lukome Center for a young woman and her child, including room and board, uniforms, books, supplies, medical care, counseling services, vocational training, early childhood education/nursery and staff support.

$50 covers cost of fuel each week for the staff’s motorcycle as he travels to remote villages to provide reintegration support to recent graduates.

$100 covers the average cost of a microloan to help a graduate start her own small business.

$400 Provides one month of quality instruction and educational supplies for the infants and small children at the Lukome Center.



$1000 Provides one month of one-on-one and group counseling, life skills training and spiritual support to help each girl through healing process.

$3,000 Covers the construction costs for a housing unit for two students and their children at the Lukome Center.

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