Restoring a Future With Uganda’s New Refuge

ChildVoice International Director of International Operations D'Andrea Weeks and Edmond, at the Lukome Center, Uganda

An interview with D’Andrea Weeks, Director of International Operations D’Andrea recently returned from a 6-week trip to Uganda, during which time she participated in the dedication of the NEW Lukome Center. Here, she shares some reflections on that time. Q: You were in Uganda for the launch of the first Lukome Center in 2007. What… Read More

ChildVoice 2.0: Uganda 2013

ChildVoice International Dedication at Lukome Center, Uganda

Earlier this year, we informally launched the start of ChildVoice 2.0 as we formally dedicated the new Lukome Center for the girls of northern Uganda. This therapeutic community will restore the voices of so many children silenced by war. Browse this exciting photo gallery to join in the celebration!  And to learn more about the… Read More

Lessons from Uganda

Grace has lived in the Islington Borough of London her whole life and teaches music at St. Mary’s Youth Club. Never would she have dreamed what she experienced as she visit Uganda with ChildVoice International. She saw firsthand how ChildVoice is teaching families affected by the atrocities of Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Army how… Read More

ChildVoice Made a Difference for Dorval


With cautious optimism about the hope for lasting peace, the government of Uganda completed the closure of 40 internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in 2008. These closures tested the ability of the Ugandan people to meet the needs of their most vulnerable citizens, as homes awaiting the returning refugees were not available. One major need… Read More

Meet Rose


At the age of 8, Rose was abducted by the LRA in northern Uganda, and proceeded to spend the next 16 years of her life in captivityas a wife of the infamous Joseph Kony. After weeks in a reception centre following her capture by the UPDF in 2009, Rose joined ChildVoice’s third class of students… Read More

Stella: a ChildVoice Success Story


As we celebrate five years of ChildVoice results, we are thinking back to so many indications that ‘It is Working!’ Here is one more ChildVoice success story. Following her stay in our therapeutic community and her graduation from the Lukome Centre in 2010, Stella returned to her home in the village of Cet Kana in… Read More



As the oldest of six children, Sharon understood from a young age what it takes to care for a family. At age seventeen, she gave birth to her first child. Not long after, she gave birth to another. All the while, Sharon was living in poverty, having no means of earning money and relying on… Read More

Meeting Concy


Posted on May 24, 2012 by ChildVoice Intern, Taylor Boeyink Nustled back in a little array of huts, Concy lives with her husband and two week old daughter, Kathy, (who Conrad had the privilege of naming after his wife while we were visiting!). We were invited into their home and we sat arm to arm… Read More

Month Fourteen: Dreams for Blessing


Monica, a young woman who came to ChildVoice International in Spring 2011, shares her personal thoughts as one of our group of girls, many formerly abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army or otherwise affected by Uganda’s civil war. This is month fourteen in Monica’s 18-month journey of healing and recovery at the ChildVoice Lukome Centre…. Read More

Mandsager Family Legacy of Service


The Mandsager family has a long heritage of service and dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others. Conrad’s own father, Robert Mandsager, is a physician and brought his wife, Dorothy, and young family with him to Africa many years ago to serve as a medical missionary with the American Lutheran Church…. Read More