We are committed to raising awareness regarding the devastating effects of war upon children.

We participate in conferences, collaborate with other non-profits, and we have recently published a book featuring the stories of former girl soldiers, "Enduring the Night". 

Today there are 35 conflict zones around the world where children are growing up in the shadow of war. In recent years, the nature of armed conflict has resulted in even more threats to children. The most vulnerable among are being targeted and exploited. 

At ChildVoice, we have seen first-hand that even the most broken children can recover from the trauma of war through counseling, life-skills training, and education. By sharing their stories, along with our work and research, we hope to mobilize advocacy on behalf of these children and the long-term interventions that they need to rebuild their lives. 

In 2015, we published, “Enduring the Night, Courageous Stories of Survival by Former Girls Soldiers.” Featuring over 200 pages of powerful photography, this book was inspired by Grace and several other students from ChildVoice’s Lukome Center. These heartrending tales shine a light on the oppression that faces girls in northern Uganda, and around the globe.  For more information on “Enduring the Night” see